Hittoad Traffic Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?
A traffic exchange is a system in which members view each others' sites. Traffic exchanges are usually based on a credit system in which MemberA earns credits by viewing other members' sites, and then uses those earned credits to show his (MemberA) sites to all the other members. Essentially, traffic exchanges provide a great way to get your site noticed by thousands of people
What are pageviews, banner imps, and textlinks?
A pageview represents your site being shown to one other Hittoad member. A banner imp (impression) represents your banner (which links to your site) being shown to one other Hittoad member. A textlink represents your choice of a short text statement (which links to your site) being shown to one other Hittoad member. Hittoad offers all 3 of these forms of advertising.
How is Hittoad different?
Hittoad does not simply give you website credits for viewing other members' websites. It uses a one-of-a-kind Cumulative Bonus system which rewards you with a large amount of credits, banner imps, textlinks, and Toadpoints for viewing other members' websites. The Cumulative Bonus changes every 10 pages or so, so you are always earning something different.
How does Hittoad work?
Every so often, you will come across a page with a box of six frogs. You must click on one of the frogs to get your new cumulative bonus. Then every page you surf gets you that cumulative bonus, until you get to another frog page. If you fail to click a frog, then you will not earn any bonus until you get to the next frog page. The frog page appears about every 10 sites on average.
What are Toadpoints?
Toadpoints are special points that you earn by surfing, clicking the Reminder Email link, refering other members, et cetera. You can use Toadpoints to purchase credit bundles and pro memberships. This means that free members (tadpoles) can earn pro memberships without digging into their pocketbooks.
What are Common Toads and Golden Toads?
These are pro memberships. Common Toads are medium pro membership, and Golden Toads are the best pro membership available on Hittoad. Each pro membership has special bonuses and privileges.
What is the instant surf feature?
With a click of a link, you can start a surfing session. Instant surf bypasses the time-consuming login process and lets you quickly and easily start surfing the toad!
What is PRAG25?
Prag25 is short for Pragmatics25, which is a traffic exchange downline builder that promotes Hittoad as well as 24 other traffic exchanges. Prag25 has too many features to list here. Suffice it to say that Prag25 allows you to promote 25 traffic exchanges just by promoting your Prag25 refer page. The PRAG25 button on the left-side menu allows you to instantly join Pragmatics25 without having to fill out any forms or verify your email. Just a click and you are a Pragmatics25 member.
What is the Reminder email?
If you want to receive an email every day from Hittoad containing a special Surfnow link, you can opt for the Reminder email by clicking the Reminder button on the left-side menu. Every time you click the Surfnow link in the Reminder email (thus instantly starting a surfing session), you will be awarded Toadpoints.
What is Advice?
Advice is a no-nonsense email series that I write which provides you will Words of Wisdom and program recommendations based on my many years of experience as a successful netpreneur.
Redeem Cash is a way to get deep discounts on pro memberships and credit bundles using your account cash that you earn through your Hittoad membership. A percentage (off the regular price) is randomly picked every day. Just visit your REDEEM CASH page every day and redeem your account cash when you find the best rate.
Where is the Assign Credits button?
For you veteran traffic exchangers - yes, this is an LJ script. I personally modified the script to remove the Assign Credits button and allow you to assign credits from your My Sites page. This just makes things easier.
How much account cash do I need to cashout?
I recommend that you use your Account Cash to purchase deeply discounted pro memberships and credit bundles in your REDEEM CASH page. However, if want to cashout, you can do so when your account cash reaches $30. Please send me a contact request via the Contact Us button on the left-side menu if you want to cashout.
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